About St. John, Serendip, Shopping and Customs

Cruz Bay Overview

Cruz Bay is St. John's largest town (more like a village), and while it only stretches less than a mile along the waterfront, it is here you will find the grocery stores, drugstore, jewelry shops and other fine shopping, as well as most of St. John's bars and restaurants, all within an easy stroll from one end to the other. The two larger gathering places, Wharfside Village (West) and Mongoose Junction (East) are for popular shopping and dining. Just off the ferry and a few yards down is Connections St. John; here is where you can check your email, book watersports activities, and "ask locals" about things to do on St. John and nearby islands. The National Park Center is also located in Cruz Bay near Mongoose Junction and is an educational as well as a beautiful tribute to the US National Parklands on St. John.