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Roads of St. John

Roads of St. John

There are three main roads on St. John: North Shore, Centerline, and South Shore. The highest point on St. John is on Centerline Road. There are no stoplights on St. John (although locals would say the donkeys make a natural stoplight sometimes).

A very important note: we drive on the left in the US Virgin Islands, even though our cars, trucks, and Jeeps are US, with the steering wheel on the left. So "Keep Left" is the most important mantra in the VI. And if you do not normally drive a standard shift vehicle on steep hills and terrain, we highly recommend that when renting a car on St. John, confirm it has an automatic transmission as well as 4 wheel drive.

North Shore Road links our beautiful North Shore beaches within the National Park, and it can take you all the way to Maho Bay, and Annaberg, which is the site of the most intact sugar plantation ruins on the island. It is also here where you park to walk out to Waterlemon Cay, one of St. John's favorite (and most remote!) snorkeling areas. (If you're new to the island, a map can guide you from North Shore Road to Centerline Road to take you to Coral Bay or back to Cruz Bay along the top ridge of the island).

There at least 12 beaches to explore and enjoy on North Shore between Cruz Bay Town and Waterlemon Cay, and no less than 8 hiking trails along this route. With a little map navigation, you can also run into Centerline Road from the North Shore. Only Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay offer concessions (drinks and food) so make sure to stock your cooler (there's one in your room) before heading out for the day.

Centerline Road stretches across the top of the island eight miles to Coral Bay's main junction. Centerline is the only way to get in and out of Coral Bay, so it is considered the "main road" connecting the island's two main villages. Supposedly there are at least 144 curves from Cruz Bay to Coral Bay, so it's a longer 8 miles than you might expect, so take your time, and enjoy the ride!

South Shore Road wanders past The Marketplace, Serendip Vacation Condos, and another large resort, and then it's mostly private or rental homes. There are some really nice rocky beaches off of South Shore Road as well as some really good snorkeling.