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What to Bring

What to Bring

Passports are not needed to enter the US Virgin Islands if you are a US Citizen. All other islands in the Caribbean now require a passport. It's now recommended all US citizens travel with a passport, but it is not required to land in St. Thomas or St. Croix or to visit St. John.

If you plan on going to the British Virgin Islands (which we highly recommend) on a day trip, you will need to present your passport upon arrival back into US waters, since you are re-entering from another country.

ATM's are located in Cruz Bay and Coral Bay, and are pretty reliable, so don't worry about bringing too much cash. Then plan ahead for your daily needs.


Most visitors find they bring too many clothes and unneeded personal items on their St. John vacation.

Remember that in most cases, our style on St. John is casual and informal, so travel light! Ask our Manager, Ted for suggestions. As mentioned above, St. John is pretty laid back. Be prepared to sit in a beach chair (each condo has 2) on the beach or look at your feet in water up to your neck or read a book under a sea grape tree.

Shoes (or just flip flops) and sun dresses for the girls and t-shirts and shorts for the guys are pretty standard here. If you plan on dining at one of our finer restaurants, then we call it "island fancy," which is normally just a fancier sundress and shorts/shirt! Bathing suits are the primary piece of clothing when you are on the beaches during your St. John Vacation. (See Island Customs for more info)

Sunset in St John

Also, bring good walking shoes (or something better than just flip flops) if you want to hike one of the many trails in the Virgin Islands National Park. Favorite visitor trails range from "kid friendly" Cinnamon Bay Trail to the adventurous Reef Bay Trail.

Other items you might need

As our units are fully furnished, so all you need to bring are personal items, such as camera, sunscreen, and a hat.

Groceries, film, sun block and other items may be purchased in Cruz Bay or Coral Bay. Also, drinks, ice, and beverages are abundant in both villages.

We are in the tropics which means clouds go through and drop "liquid sunshine" on us just about daily most of the year; so you might want to include a small, fold up rain coat or poncho in your beach bag or backpack.